The NSA – Behind The Curtain “The Thinking Machine”

Todos os solos do orbe estão colonizados
O encampar dos controladores, são dos militares o artifício exibido
As posses dinásticas evidenciam o cume
Os fundos favorecedores, financiam seu potencial
Efetivo território de massas cefálicas
Ordenam frequentes expedições
Computam danos atingidos e conversões fervorosas
Eis o contexto social
Pairagem do crime

Brain-Computer (World CACH)

81. Within eleven (11) days of the onset of the Bush administration, and at least seven (7) months prior to the attacks of September 11, 2001, defendant ATT began development of a center for monitoring long distance calls and internet transmissions and other digital information for the exclusive use of the NSA.
91. International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) was one of the parties working with ATT and the NSA to develop the monitoring center and IBM personnel participated in meetings with ATT and NSA officials in the development of the monitoring center
The US government is quite adept at lying through its teeth, especially to its own citizens. The typical approach is to start a public version such as the “Information Awareness Office” with the same goals as the classified program which provides cover. The general public and privacy groups attack the public program, resulting in its closure, meanwhile the…

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