Dr. John Hall

Há pessoas que estão a frente das ações por mais tempo do que os demais indivíduos alvos
Estamos diante de integrante e divulgador de ações governistas contra civis
Caso esteja iniciando seus conhecimentos sobre como tornou-se alvo, a fonte é confiável!

Targeted Individuals Canada

stalking situation – “Based on the information provided through the DOJ FOIA request, an estimated 185,050 Americans in 2006 believed that they were being stalked by 3 or more perpetrators acting as a team. The actual number of victims could be much higher because one of the exclusion criteria for this survey was that the victim had to fear for their lives to be counted.” In the stalking situation, the fear for one’s life is not always present. Stalking is only a way for the perpetrators to let the victim know that he/she is stalked and under surveillance, an “enemy of the state”. “There was also a statistically significant (p < 0.01) peak in the number of victims reporting that they were being stalked by 12 to 14 people. This number of individuals, after subtracting the baseline noise, suggests there were an estimated 16,000 Americans who were being victimized by…

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